About Rich Renken and Rev4 Audio: A Musician’s Mixer

Rich Renken has spent a lifetime in music, working professionally in a dizzying number of areas of the industry. His incredible depth of experience starts from an early age, mixing live sound (among others, Mom had a classic rock band!), to playing rock and roll (his college band featured future producer/engineer Bryan Carlstrom-Alice in Chains, Offspring), to attending the Dick Grove School of Music (for bass and engineering), to helping build guitars with luthier extraordinaire James Tyler, to mixing and/or mastering dozens and dozens of projects for artists, broadcast, and DVD.

In 2012, realizing where his truest passions lie, Rich made the decision to leave his latest music industry job (Product Manager/Artist Relations at Line 6, where he helped drive the creation of some of the best sounding and selling products in the business! M13, M9, Spider Valve and JTV to name a few.) to turn his professional hobby as a Mix Engineer into his full time gig.

For Rich, mixing music is about listening for the emotion. It’s about uncovering and helping convey the emotional intent of the artist or song.

“Mixing is a creative process. Whether it’s mixing live or in the studio, I try and function as if I’m in the band. It’s not that I’m playing the bass part, but my ‘part’ as the mixer to try and make the speakers go away, to get through the veil to what is moving or exciting about the music.”

“All the live sound mixing I’ve done has definitely influenced my studio mixes. If it’s appropriate, I love to bring a ‘live sound feel’ to the mixes I work on!”

With a lifetime passionately steeped in tone- from the sound of guitar woods to understanding the nuances of studio gear- his goal is to help his clients bring their truest vision to audio life.

“My total joy is serving the band and the song,” Rich relates. “I’m not looking for you to say ‘wow, what a great mix’. I love it when the artists I work with say ‘Wow! We did that!’ Nothing satisfies me more when I get a call from a producer or artist asking ‘how did you do that?’ and I can answer ‘You did that! I just helped bring it out!’. It’s the best feeling in the world.”

With the creation of Rev4 Audio in Burbank, CA in 2012, Rich has occupied part of the famed Mad Dog Studio, which has had everyone from Third Eye Blind to Aimee Mann to Pete Anderson in it’s rooms. Coming full circle, next door is his old friend and bandmate Bryan Carlstrom’s Tranzformer Studios! (Sadly Bryan passed in 2013)

“There’s a lot of music to be made here,” Rich says, “and no matter how big or small the project is, I’m excited to to have the chance to help my clients get where even they didn’t know they could go!”